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Fire safes are the obvious choice to protect your goods from theft and fire. Fireproof safes go through rigorous testing to cope with the extreme heat in a fire. If you have valuable documents and data that may be valuable or priceless to you, then a fire safe is the right choice for you.

"What’s the difference between a fire safe for paper and a fire safe for data? "

Let’s start with the obvious differences.

Fire safes for paper are designed and tested to protect your paper valuables. This can include documents like bonds or marriage certificates or plans, blueprints, cash or photo albums.

Fire safes for data are designed and tested to protect your digital media and storage. Digital media and data can be anything from USB sticks and backup tapes to iPads and other tablets, cameras and CDs.
Fire safes for paper
Fire can affect your valuables in different ways. The extreme heat of a fire will ignite paper inside a safe and destroy it beyond recognition. Paper items like certificates and documents are often more valuable to the owner than a thief as the value is more often in the irreplaceable nature of them.
A fire safe for paper will give your paper documents up to 120 minutes protection in extreme heat, meaning that your priceless documents or cash are safe in the event of an office of home fire. If you need cash cover then there are also a range of combined fire protection safes, which offer both fire and theft security.
Fire safes for data
Fire can have a detrimental effect on your digital valuables. Most digital products can only withstand 40-50 degree heat and a fire can generate up to 5 times that amount. Again, like the paper documents, not all your digital item will hold any value to a thief but they may be irreplaceable. This might include items like wedding photos on a disc, USB sticks with important data or backup tapes.
Fire safes for data can withstand a far higher heat and because of this they are the best choice if you want to protect both paper and data. Sistec datasafes have a good range of 120 minute fire protection safes. If you need a simple home or office fire safe then then the Burton Firebrand or Firesec safe are ideal.


Sistec SE-datasafes - Grade II / S120DIS
Sistec has developed a complete series of data safes for the secure storage of sensitive data media such as CDs, DVDs, backup tapes, (external) hard drives and even photographic material.
A fire resistant data safe is constructed in such a way that the internal temperature stays well below the critical temperature of 52°C even during lengthy exposure to fire. Furthermore the safe’s contents are well protected against corrosive gasses, steam and (extinguishing) water thanks to ingenious thresholds and sealing. Magnetism also has no influence on data media stored inside the safe.


  • Protection from fire and/or burglars 

  • ECB•S certified burglar resistance in accordance with EN 1143-1 Grade II

  • ECB•S certified fire resistance in accordance with EN 1047-1 S120DIS
    (120 minutes for data)

  • Standard finish with:
    EN 1300 certified key lock with 2 keys

  • Equipped with emergency locking  

  • Can be fitted with shelves and/or drawers (exclusive)  

  • Door opening 180° 

  • Lock bolts on three sides 

  • Colour: light grey (RAL 7035)

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