Data center Infrastructure Service

And High sensitivity & technology detection and protection


EAE Elektrik Busway Systems give you complete power
EAE Elektrik is your reliable and innovative manufacturer worldwide offering Busbar, Rack Cabinet, Cable Tray and Support Systems to serve the critical Data Center infrastructure with peace of mind.
It's faster to install and change
Your complete Busway run can be installed in the time it takes to install a single cable tray.

  • The modular design and ability to reuse most components makes altering your Busway incredibly easy and inexpensive.

It saves you time, money and space

  • One main switch protecting the Busway greatly undercuts the costs of conventional cabling with multiple circuit protection and cable entry zones.

  •  No distribution boards means you save money and floor space.

  • Only one supply feeder saves on installation cabling

  • There's less changeover time for power, and no disruption to other loads or staff productivity.

  • You can start with just a few lengths of Busway then add to your installation as the need arises, or as more cash flow becomes available.

  • Power and Energy meters allow you to keep track of electricity use and gauge future power needs.

It's simple, versatile electrical power

  • Add to, change and move your power source Take-Off-Boxes in just minutes.

  • Relocate power without costly rewiring. Your staff simply unplug the Busway Take-Off-Box from one location and insert it into a Busway Take-Off Point at a new location, nearby.

  • You can add new loads/circuits every 150mm. It takes minutes rather than spending hours and money on expensive cable installations by an electrician.

  • Single and Three Phase Power available at every plug-in point.

  • There's no waste as replaced Take-Off-Boxes can be used for other loads when required. And if the Busway run needs to be altered, the modular sections can easily be reconfigured to suit the new layout.

It's a financial asset

  • If your business relocates, the Busway system can be removed and relocated to your new premises. You avoid expensive cabling installations at your new premises

  • If you're a landlord, existing Busway systems can be easily and cheaply altered to suit new tenants.

It's availability 

  • Uptime Institute define Tier classifications for the proper design, built and operation of data centers. The availability of the data center for the active hardware (servers & switches) and its related power, cooling and digital connectivity infrastructure shall always be maintained during operation, maintenance and the upgrade processes. To ensure this, the IT Power Infrastructure shall provide High Short Circuit, High Fire Resistance, Hot-Swap Operations and Physical Durability as well as Busbar Tap-Off points Flexibility while The IT Passive Digital Infrastructure of Rack Cabinets and High Density Cable Tray Systems shall ensure end-to-end sustainability.

The Busway System at work

EAE Elektrik ฺBusway Systems are beneficial to every industry. Take a look at how they’re used in:

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